Special aspects of ZEAL shares

With the effective relocation of the Company’s registered office from Germany to the United Kingdom, shares in ZEAL prior to this date were converted into registered shares under the laws of England and Wales. To ensure continued trading on the stock exchange, these registered shares are traded on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the form of ‘so-called Clearstream Interests (CIs)’ under ISIN GB00BHD66J44 / WKN TPP024. One CI refers to one registered share in ZEAL.

Rights of ‘so-called Clearstream Interests (CI)’ shareholders

Shareholders are registered as ‘so-called Clearstream Interests (CI)’ holders in a separate CI Register to be kept by the Company (ZEAL), similar to a share register. The CI Register is updated daily, through Clearstream Banking AG’s clearing and settlement system, CASCADE-RS. Along with the number of units traded each day on the Frankfurt stock exchange, the CI register reflects the current status of shareholders. This is similar to the way registered shares are traded under German law.

Only individuals who are registered on the CI Register are deemed ‘CI Holders’. From the moment a shareholder is entered in the CI Register, they can exercise all shareholder rights. The CI Holder structure does not lead to any significant changes in shareholder rights and exists solely due to the peculiarities of custody structures in cross-border trading.

The shareholders, as CI Holders, are entitled to all dividends associated with the registered shares in proportion to their respective CI holdings. Corresponding dividend payments will be made to shareholders, as CI Holders, via Clearstream Banking AG and the custodian banks.

General Meetings

ZEAL will send invitations to its General Meetings on the basis of entries in the CI Register. Shareholders must ensure that any change of address or shareholdings are made in good time by custodian banks and reflected in the CI Register.