Dividend Policy of ZEAL Network SE

The Executive Board has proposed, and the Supervisory Board has approved, a dividend policy under which the Company will pay annual dividends which are expected to amount to a total of at least EUR 1.00 per share in December 2018. An announcement of the amount of the dividend, and the record date for entitlement to the dividend, will be made in advance of payment.

This position is subject to periodic review and may be amended depending on our future earnings and financial position.

Last Dividend Announcement

The Executive Board of ZEAL Network SE had proposed, and the Supervisory Board had approved, the declaration of the interim dividend of EUR 1.00 per share.

Dividend timetable for the interim dividend 2017:

Record date 28/12/2017
Ex-dividend date of the registered shares 29/12/2017
Payment date 29/12/2017

Dividend History