Published on 9 March 2017

While statistical fluctuations are inherent to the lottery betting business model, MyLotto24 has had prize pay-outs above the statistical average in the current year to date and including the current pay-out. ZEAL has therefore adjusted its Total Operating Performance and EBIT guidance for the current fiscal year 2017. Assuming a normal course of business in the remaining year (i.e. prize pay-outs around the statistical average), ZEAL reduces its Total Operating Performance guidance for 2017 from EUR 145-155 million to EUR 130-140 million and its EBIT guidance from EUR 30-40 million to EUR 15-25 million.

ZEAL confirms its communicated intention of paying a total dividend of at least EUR 1.00 per share in the current year.

Published on 26 January 2017

The group has identified several significant growth opportunities in its highly profitable core business. In order to capitalise on these opportunities, marketing investment will be stepped up in the lottery betting business in 2017 and onwards.

This strategy is anticipated to have a positive impact in the mid-term, with significant growth by 2019. As a result of the planned increase in marketing investment, ZEAL expects an EBIT in the range of EUR 30 to 40 million in the fiscal year 2017 and a total operating performance of EUR 145 to 155 million in the same period.